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TRiO Student Support Services

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The Ƶ Student Support Services program is designed to assist first-generation, income eligible, and/or students with disabilities toward the successful completion of their postsecondary education while promoting a supportive institutional climate.


Our values align with the values of the Ƶ Community & Technical College. We value the holistic development of students we serve and the communities in which they are a part.

Who is Eligible?

Federal regulations require that the participants be at least ONE of the following:

  • First-generation Ƶ student (signifies that neither custodial parent/guardian GRADUATED from a four-year institution before the student's 18th birthday)
  • Income eligible student (family meets Federal Income Eligibility Guidelines as verified through SSS)
  • Student has a documented disability

If accepted into Student Support Services, you must agree to the following:

  • Participate regularly in programming and events
  • Meet with your Support Specialist at least three times per semester
  • Submit the FAFSA by the priority deadline set by Ƶ SSS
  • Review  mid-term progress  reports and discuss academic performance with your Support Specialist
  • Be honest and conscientious with your Support Specialist and use the services of the SSS Program to help be a successful Ƶ student
  • If on academic probation, agree to have contact with the SSS program as needed and determined by your Support Specialist in order to develop a plan to improve your academic standing

The Services We Offer

From enrollment into the SSS program through graduation, participants receive many benefits which are all FREE OF CHARGE, including:


  • Study skills development
  • Academic intervention and advocacy
  • Student success workshops
  • One-on-one tutoring
  • 24/7 Professional Online Tutoring in 40+ Subjects
  • Educational resources
  • SSS Study Area
  • Opportunities to form study groups
  • Assistance with transfer applications
  • Transfer visits to universities

Personal and Professional

  • Leadership development opportunities
  • Career exploration and workshops
  • Cultural enrichment activities
  • Self-advocacy skill development
  • Referrals to campus and community resources
  • Personal counseling/coaching
  • Area to socialize


  • Supplemental Grant Aid
  • Financial and economic literacy programs
  • Information in applying for student aid
  • Scholarship opportunities

Food Pantry

Food support is offered to SSS participant in the SSS Office. The Pantry is stocked through donations and is free to students.


Meet our Staff

Courtney Myers
College Counselor, Licking Valley and Ƶ Campuses
(606) 759-7141 Ext.66243

Angie K. Potter
Director of SSS/College Counselor
(606) 759-7141 Ext. 66156

Sherry Stacy
College Counselor, Montgomery and Rowan Campuses
(606) 759-7141 Ext. 66278

Tammy Fite
Administrative Assistant
(606) 759-7141 Ext. 66142