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Student and Employee Well-Being

Ƶ is committed to supporting the well-being of our students and employees. The Ƶ Well-Being Team helps those in personal distress overcome barriers to success through confidential consultation and connection to resources both on and off campus.

Through coordinated well-being, check-in text messages and phone calls, student self-referrals, and faculty and staff referrals, the Ƶ Well-Being Team will:

  • Help students and employees determine their eligibility for public assistance. Please complete this short from Ƶ partner, The Family Scholar House, to find out what benefits they may qualify for, including:
    • SNAP
    • WIC
    • Medicaid
    • Health insurance assistance
    • Childcare vouchers
  • Connect students and employees struggling with depression, anxiety, grief, or substance abuse to local mental health providers and/or 24/7 online peer support services.
  • Connect students and employees who have been hurt by dating violence, stalking, or sexual assault to an advocate.
  • Provide food and household items through the Food for Thought on-campus food pantry.
  • Accept applications for Student Laptop Requests, as available.
  • Provide financial help, as available, for unexpected financial emergencies.

Full List of Student Resources

Do you need help?

Complete this form if you would like a member of our Well-Being Team to contact you.

If this is an emergency situation, do not submit a form. Please call 911 immediately.

Student and Employee Well-Being Form


Do you know someone who needs help?

Behaviors of concern might be observed in several settings: in the classroom, at a student service office, at an on-campus job, or during participation in a school activity. By reporting behaviors that are concerning, the Ƶ Well-Being Team will reach out to intervene, provide support, and connect the student with resources that can assist them.

Complete this form if you are concerned about someone’s well-being and would like a member of our Well-Being Team to contact them. Once your report form has been reviewed, you may be contacted by a team member for more information if needed.

If this is an emergency, do not submit a form. Please call 911 and then notify Campus Security, Campus Director, and/or a Chief Officer for help.

Student and Employee Well-Being Referral Form