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Class Schedules

Your schedule is literally at your fingertips.

Everything you need to create your class schedule is available online. Search the database by campus or view entire schedule. This information is the most accurate and current available.

Interactive Class Search


Finding Classes has never been easier!

Choosing which classes to take this semester can be tough, but we can help with the Visual Schedule Builder. The Visual Schedule Builder lets you test out multiple class schedules based on the courses you want to take, look at different calendars and find the schedule that best fits you.

Want to try it out?

If you're not one of our students, don't worry! You can still check out all the classes our schools have to offer. Follow these steps to try it out, if you like what you see you can always apply and make this schedule a reality:

  • Go to the
  • Choose your term (like Fall 2023 or Spring 2024)
  • Choose a Ƶ
  • Choose a location
  • Check out the classes they have to offer

If you're a KCTCS student, you can use the Visual Schedule Builder by going to your . Once you find the classes you need, you can enroll right from the Visual Schedule Builder. Your class schedule will be saved and you can print it out that day!

Have questions or issues? Call us at the and we will walk you through it!


Where can I get course descriptions?

The Kentucky Community and Technical College System provides a complete list of that explains the general content and topics covered in each.