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Career Planning

Ƶ uses My Next Move to help students learn more about their career options and pick a program of study. My Next Move is linked to the O*Net occupational database and is powered by extensive, regularly updated data that includes wage info, employment projections, and more. Students can find careers through keyword search; by browsing industries that employ different types of workers; or through the O*NET Interest Profiler, a short survey that offers personalized career suggestions based on a person’s interests and level of work experience.

What do you want to do

After completing the short O*NEW Interest Profiler survey, take a picture of the results and then return to this page to see which Ƶ programs are best related to the Traits and Interests.

Builders are “doers” who like working with their hands and bodies, tools and machines, plants and animals, and working outdoors. They enjoy building and crafting things and many love sports. Most Builders prefer to work with “things” over people. They are practical, no-nonsense types who like to get the job done with a minimum of fuss.

Key personality traits of Builders: practical, structured, independent, realistic, sensible, mechanical, traditional, down-to-earth

Programs of Study to Consider:

Air Conditioning Technology

Automotive Technology

Aviation Maintenance Technology

Class A CDL 

Computerized Manufacturing and Machining Technology

Construction Technology

Diesel Technology

Electric Technology

Industrial Maintenance Technology


Welding Technology

Thinkers like working with ideas and concepts, and enjoy science, technology, and academia.

They typically are intellectual and rational people who enjoy searching for facts and understanding. Thinkers often choose careers that involve research, theorizing, experimentation, problem-solving, and intellectual inquiry. They do not enjoy working with people as much as they like working with ideas.

Key personality traits of Thinkers: intellectual, curious, logical, analytical, scholarly, independent

Programs of Study to Consider:

Associate in Science/Transfer (Pre-Engineering, Pre-Pharmacy, Pre-Medical) 

Associate in Arts/Transfer (History, Law, Political Science)

Computer Information Technology

Medical Laboratory Technician

Creators are energized by using their imagination. They like to express themselves and produce something unique. As such, they are most likely to find fulfillment in jobs that involve creativity and originality such as careers in the arts, design, performance, music, writing, and language. Most Creators shy away from routine work in favor of unstructured environments where they have the freedom to express themselves and create something original to them.


Key personality traits of Creators: original, creative, independent, intuitive, sensitive, imaginative, spontaneous

Programs of Study to Consider: 

Associate in Arts/Transfer (Art, Design, English, Journalism, Marketing, Music)

Computer and Information Technology – Internet Technologies 

Computer and Information Technology – Video Game Design

Helpers are “people-persons” who work cooperatively to improve the lives of others. They are compassionate, caring individuals who like to see the impact of their work on others' lives. Helpers place a high value on relationships and usually dislike working alone. They prefer jobs that involve assisting, teaching, coaching, and serving people in an environment where they can work closely with others to make a positive impact.


Key personality traits of Helpers: compassionate, patient, helpful, friendly, generous, cooperative

Programs of Study to Consider: 


Emergency Medical Services – Paramedic

Criminal Justice

Health Science Technology

Human Services

Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education

Medicaid Nurse Aid

Medical Assisting


Physical Therapist Assistant

Respiratory Care


Persuaders like working in positions of power and gravitate towards jobs that involve leading or motivating people in some way, such as careers in business, management, sales, politics, and the law. They typically are energetic, dominant people who enjoy a certain amount of risk in their work. Most Persuaders dislike working in isolation. They prefer to team up with others and use their considerable influence and networking skills to achieve results.


Key personality traits of Persuaders: assertive, energetic, confident, ambitious, adventurous


Programs of Study to Consider: 

Associate in Arts/Transfer (Communication, Law, Marketing, Political Science)

Business Administration – Human Resources

Business Administration – Management

Organizers like to work in structured environments to complete tasks with precision and accuracy. They prefer jobs that involve working with data, information, and processes, such as careers in business, administration, accounting, information technology, and office management. Organizers are typically orderly, methodical people who like to follow procedures and complete tasks efficiently and with great attention to detail. They value predictability and dislike unstructured work environments that lack clear expectations and require you to make things up as you go.


Key personality traits of Organizers: orderly, precise, detail-oriented, conservative, thorough


Programs of Study to Consider: 

Administrative Office Technology

Associate in Arts/Transfer (Library Studies)

Business Administration – Accounting 

Computer and Information Technology

Medical Information Technology